Ten Miles in the morning.

I walked ten miles this morning, but I’m not sure I can do it again this afternoon. Think I might just work on building myself up to two four hour walks this week.



Personal Call from God

God is So Good

So, I’m pretty sure that I was called in to church this morning by God himself. It’s as if anytime I open the good book to read his word or step into a service to hear a sermon, he has yet again answered a prayer or yet another question I have. Keep in mind that I haven’t been attending church regularly since I was in high school. This morning, the minister at the church that my little sister goes to was preaching about spiritual gifts or talents. He only spoke of exhortation this morning, but it captivated me when I heard a list of seven of these gifts. Among them was giving. So when I got home I did some research on the topic and it turns out that he blessed me with the gift of giving. Reading more about it, I realized that I have been misapplying my gift for a long time now. Needless to say, I think I will be going to my little sisters church every Sunday for a while. If you want to read up more on this, I would highly encourage it. Go here to check it out. Have a wonderful evening and God Bless.

Realization Kicking In

A Real Realization

I was speaking with a very close friend of mine about what I want to accomplish with this walk across America. Since I’ve obviously never done anything like this before, I haven’t the slightest clue on how to really get started on raising money for my walk and raising money for MS awareness. While brainstorming out loud to this buddy of mine, he asked if I’d contacted the NMSS(National Multiple Sclerosis Society) to let them know about my plans. Of course I have not done so just yet. Due to the initial inspiration that I had, I’ve been more focused on finding ways to fund my walk and raise money. So, I’ve e-mailed the NMSS and basically just described what my plans were and how I planned to accomplish them. Then asked them how I should go about said plans and what their role would be. I hope to get a reply fairly soon, so I can start doing more.
Now, while talking to my friend, I also realized that I could have people pledge so much money per mile walked. I figured I could do this while I’m training for the walk and for the walk itself. So now I’m faced with finding people that are willing to support my cause and will donate money for every mile or maybe every specified amount of miles that I walk. I’m not sure how I can go about this online, but I do plan on writing some of the “higher up” people around my town asking them to pledge any amount of money per mile that I walk.
With all of these realizations, I’ve also realized that I should probably be more adamant about containing this blog and promoting my cause. So, from here on out, you will only receive quality blog posts from this guy. I’ve really known that I should be doing a better job on everything pertaining to my plans, but I’m one of the procrastinating types. I have kind of been following the saying I’ve read on a t-shirt once; on the front it read “Procrastinators Unite” and on the reverse side, “… Tomorrow!!!”. If there’s ever been a better time than now to change that method of thinking, I don’t guess I was around for it. Anyway, thank you for reading my blog. Check back for updates!

10.13mi Day

Since I thought that yesterday was Saturday, I slept in today, but I decided to walk anyway. I started at five o’clock and walked from my home here in Winnsboro, TX to a little baptist church called Back Home Baptist. When I got to that church I was still fifteen minutes away from walking continuously for two hours, but I decided to go ahead and take a break. This is when I discovered that instant oatmeal is probably going to be one of my best friends on this walk across America. I mixed two packs of instant oatmeal with the water that was left in my water bottle. It did the job. I then rested for a minute, refilled my water bottle, and started back home. I was making better progress than I though I would so I found a way to add to my route so that I would have been walking for four hours. When I got home I used treksee.com to map out the walk and it came to 10.13 miles. Not bad, if I say so myself. Now tomorrow, I’ll take my break, then start back on monday. Now, I did take my back-pack with me loaded with some clothes a few cans of food for some weight and a the two pouches of oatmeal for my snack. So, all in all, I’ve had a pretty good day. 

I’m a little off schedule, but today’s been good.

I thought YESTERDAY was Saturday!


So I slept all day today, but I’m not going to let that stop me from walking today. Here in about an hour and a half I’m going to take a long walk. The good news is, I got my first donation today! Twenty-five dollars from ponchodia. I’m not sure who that is just yet, but I have an idea. That worked wonders to increase my optimism though. I mean, it just goes to show that at least one person out there has a heart! I hope I can find more than one though. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about showing you all a list of supplies that I still need and maybe my training schedule, but I haven’t written either of those up for myself yet. When I do though, I’ll be sure to put them on here for everyone to read. That’s really just about all I have to write right now. I’ll work tonight on getting my training schedule done and a list of supplies that I still need. Help me get donations!!!

Entertainment While Walking

So, I’ve been walking off and on all day due to my boredom and lack of a vehicle. You can call it training if you want to. I mean, I figure it won’t hurt too much since I’m resting tomorrow. Anyway, that’s not the point of this post. The point is that I found a way to entertain myself, while walking. I pay attention to stuff on the ground and pick up the interesting stuff. Sometimes it’s change, sometimes it’s a shoelace, and sometimes it’s just shiny. It makes me think if I do this the whole time I’m training, maybe even partially on my walk across the states, I might be able to make a little bit of money. Either that or make a sculpture of some sort out of some of the random objects. Even maybe collect all the metal stuff and take it to a scrap yard one five gallon bucket at a time. It may never amount to much, but it’s a good way to stay entertained. 

In Response to “Breaking the Ice”

My Reply to This

My Cause: MS Awareness

My mom was diagnose with MS(Multiple Sclerosis) years ago. Initially, I felt urged to raise money for MS Awareness. I bought some of these silicon bracelets from this site to resale to try to make some money to send into the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Well, the bracelets just ended up getting scattered everywhere and I never really made any money off of them. Here a couple of years later, I’m unemployed and looking for something to do with my life. Recently, I’ve been reading up on people that have journeyed across this great land of America on foot. It truly inspired me reading up on how they prepared and what they did to make it. So, I decided that I wanted to walk across america. I was thinking about my prior attempt to show my mom some support for her MS, and decided that I would dedicate this walk to MS Awareness. If you don’t know what MS is, check out the NMSS website.
So, now I’ve been training for this walk and making plans. I have a basic route planned out. You can check that out here. I plan on keeping everyone updated through this blog. If you feel like supporting a worthy cause you can help by donating here. I’d greatly appreciate it!