My Training.


One-hundred Thirty Percent Dedicated!



I’ve been walking a lot these last couple of weeks, but I didn’t decided to do my cross-country walk until the beginning of this week, so I just started training yesterday. Yesterday evening I took a two hour walk, then did the same again this morning. I plan on taking another two hour walk later today, then rest tomorrow with maybe a small walk in the morning. On Monday, I’m going to start loading a backpack with different things to give it some weight and I want to increase my walking time to two and half hours to three hours twice a day, depending on how I do with the weighted back-pack. After next week, I’ll increase the amount of time to three and half to four hours twice a day. I plan on working my way up to at least ten hours of walking a day. I may not walk that many hours a day when I start my journey, but I will be ready to walk a lot.Today, I also plan on walking around town to see if some stores around here will let me leave a donation bucket for my cause. So, I should really get to work on finding some containers to use and making covers for them. So I’ll end this post now. Don’t for get to help me promote! PLEASE!?!?!?! Click here to donate!


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