Realization Kicking In

A Real Realization

I was speaking with a very close friend of mine about what I want to accomplish with this walk across America. Since I’ve obviously never done anything like this before, I haven’t the slightest clue on how to really get started on raising money for my walk and raising money for MS awareness. While brainstorming out loud to this buddy of mine, he asked if I’d contacted the NMSS(National Multiple Sclerosis Society) to let them know about my plans. Of course I have not done so just yet. Due to the initial inspiration that I had, I’ve been more focused on finding ways to fund my walk and raise money. So, I’ve e-mailed the NMSS and basically just described what my plans were and how I planned to accomplish them. Then asked them how I should go about said plans and what their role would be. I hope to get a reply fairly soon, so I can start doing more.
Now, while talking to my friend, I also realized that I could have people pledge so much money per mile walked. I figured I could do this while I’m training for the walk and for the walk itself. So now I’m faced with finding people that are willing to support my cause and will donate money for every mile or maybe every specified amount of miles that I walk. I’m not sure how I can go about this online, but I do plan on writing some of the “higher up” people around my town asking them to pledge any amount of money per mile that I walk.
With all of these realizations, I’ve also realized that I should probably be more adamant about containing this blog and promoting my cause. So, from here on out, you will only receive quality blog posts from this guy. I’ve really known that I should be doing a better job on everything pertaining to my plans, but I’m one of the procrastinating types. I have kind of been following the saying I’ve read on a t-shirt once; on the front it read “Procrastinators Unite” and on the reverse side, “… Tomorrow!!!”. If there’s ever been a better time than now to change that method of thinking, I don’t guess I was around for it. Anyway, thank you for reading my blog. Check back for updates!


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