In Response to “Breaking the Ice”

My Reply to This

My Cause: MS Awareness

My mom was diagnose with MS(Multiple Sclerosis) years ago. Initially, I felt urged to raise money for MS Awareness. I bought some of these silicon bracelets from this site to resale to try to make some money to send into the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Well, the bracelets just ended up getting scattered everywhere and I never really made any money off of them. Here a couple of years later, I’m unemployed and looking for something to do with my life. Recently, I’ve been reading up on people that have journeyed across this great land of America on foot. It truly inspired me reading up on how they prepared and what they did to make it. So, I decided that I wanted to walk across america. I was thinking about my prior attempt to show my mom some support for her MS, and decided that I would dedicate this walk to MS Awareness. If you don’t know what MS is, check out the NMSS website.
So, now I’ve been training for this walk and making plans. I have a basic route planned out. You can check that out here. I plan on keeping everyone updated through this blog. If you feel like supporting a worthy cause you can help by donating here. I’d greatly appreciate it!